Positive Putting

Having never used a golf training aid before I thought it was about time to give one a go. With all the snow and bad weather we had this winter what better one to try than a putting aid, which I could use in my flat without needing to go outside. I stumbled across Positive Putting and decided to go with them, partly because their aid is very simple to use and also they are a UK based company.


The Positive Putting plate is a simple aid designed to help golfers start the ball off in a straight line promoting a centre strike off the putter. This is achieved by creating a gap at the end of the plate which you have to try and hit the ball through which lets you know if you have started the ball straight.


The plate has 3 holes at the end down either side which you place the small balls provided in, the holes get closer together offering 3 different options. This allows you to increase the difficulty as your skill level improves.


The plate is also supplied with golf tees which you can use instead of the balls if using the aid on grass, meaning you wont lose the balls. It provides you with the same immediate feedback as your ball will change direction if it hits the tee.


The plate comes in three different colour variations; black, clear or mirrored. I decided to go with the black as I thought it would be the best to use both inside and outside.


It is very intuitive to use and set up which was nice as I was able to use it straight out the box without having to read how to set it up or use it. My putting has never been a real issue in my game or so I have thought over the years, so feeling confident I put the balls in the last set of holes creating the smallest gap. I then went on to knock one of the balls out 3 times in a row. After this I decided to go with the largest gap to build some confidence back and hit it through the gap for 10 consecutive putts. I am now working between the medium gap and small gap with the aim to try and get 10 in a row through the small gap.


I have been using the plate a few times every week and feel more confident in my putting stroke and my ability to start the ball on my target line.


Overall I have been very impressed by the Positive Putting plate, it is easy and intuitive to use and is a lot cheaper than many of its competitors. I would recommend this to anyone who struggles with hitting the ball along their target line or anyone looking to give a training aid a go for the first time.


Thanks for reading.


Best regards and happy golfing.



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