The Pocket Dump

Go back a few years and ask a golfer to empty their pockets and you would likely find some tees, a pencil, maybe a divot tool and marker set from one of the big manufactures or from their favourite course. Fast forward to the present day and you are likely to find the same tees and pencil however the divot tool and ball marker are now likely to be from the likes of Seamus Golf, Tyson Lamb, Bputters or anyone of a number of companies offering unique and custom tools and markers.




The market for custom accessories has seen a major spike in recent times with a number of small business’ popping up offering custom tools and markers. I remember the days when the must have divot tool was the Scotty Cameron tool, now that is almost forgotten about by many with the range of custom options.


With number of different designs on offer there is a offering for everyone from stamped copper coins with your name or a saying on from a local guy in his garage to the sought after Tyson Lamb doughnut ball marks and everything in between.


Then there are also the non metal markers you can get like a slice of your favourite golf ball from Golf ball guts or stabilised wood markers from Bradley Putters.


For some it is the collectability of the item and the status of owning a one off design. For others like myself it is the ability to buy something new for golf without having to fork out hundreds on new clubs.


Will all these different options still be around in a few years time only time will tell however it is slowly becoming a saturated market forcing out the box thinking to come up with new ideas that haven’t been seen before.


So who can we thank for this spike in the golf accessories market, for me it has to be Seamus Golf, they are the first company I can remember seeing offering unique divot tools and ball markers. While they may not have been the first to offer unique tools I do think they were a big influence in a lot of the styles you see.


This post has had no input from Seamus Golf it is my own opinion.


Best Regards and happy golfing





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