PE Golf – Custom Headcovers

The aftermarket head cover market is currently booming with more options available than ever before gone are the days when it was just your putter cover that would be aftermarket and the animal head driver cover. You can now choose from a range of pre designed offerings or if you are feeling creative you can get a custom made head cover, one of the main benefits to this boom in the market is that manufacturers are having to offer more competitive pricing.


JT Murphy from thebreakfastball recently wrote a very interesting article looking at some of the different options that are available when it comes to aftermarket head covers which is worth a read and was the inspiration behind this. Unlike in JT’s article I am just going to be focusing on one manufacturer PE Golf.


For those of you that haven’t heard of PE Golf they are a boutique Swedish Brand offering custom handmade headcovers and accessories. The company is run by Per Emdén, hence the name “PE Golf”. PE Golf have a range of pre designed covers available for purchase via there website or you can get in touch with them to get a custom design created. If you are looking for some inspiration then check out their Instagram page, it is regularly updated with the latest covers they make. The covers range in price depending on size and complexity, in terms of material used, however they normally range from 250-400 sek which at today’s rate is around £22-36, which is very competitive for a handmade custom cover.

pe golf 1pe golf 3pe golf 4

The ordering process is very easy if you are interested in a custom cover then you can get in touch via their Instagram or via email, if you are after one of their pre designed ones you can order these via their website. I got a custom cover made and it couldn’t have been simpler I sent Per an email with what I was interested in getting done, we then had a brief discussion around materials and that was it. My cover took around 3 weeks to be made which when you consider these are being handmade is pretty impressive considering how many they make. Once made Per sent me photos to make sure that I was happy with everything, it was then shipped out from Sweden, delivery was less than a week.


As you can see the cover I went for was a fairly simple two tone design, I love the contrast of colour and finish between the two pieces of leather. The cover itself is excellently made the stitching looks good and is uniform. One of the stand out features for me is the lining of the cover, I was just expecting a simple black lining however it has a very cool patterned lining. While this has no effect on how it looks as you don’t see the lining it is a nice touch that makes the cover feel that little bit more special.


If you are thinking about getting a new headcover then I would highly recommend PE Golf, the craftsmanship is excellent and they are very good value when compared to other similar covers.

Thanks for reading and happy golfing.



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