Papa Hummel: The golf brand from the Black Forest

For most people Papa Hummel is not a well known golf brand however they are starting to make waves in the golf market. They are a European company based in the Black Forest in Germany. The company is run by two friends who started it after learning to play golf in 2013 and thought there was room for improvement in a range of different golf products. One of their main focuses is making sure everything they produce is sustainable.


One of their original products they released were bamboo golf tees. They used bamboo due to its sustainability and it high strength which makes them better for the environment and better for you as they last longer. One of the main stand out features though wasn’t in the design of the tee itself however in the packaging. The tees come packaged in a sealable pouch so that you always have tees handy and not lying at the bottom of your bag.


Papa Hummel Golf Balls

Papa Hummel recently entered the golf ball game with two models the Strategos and Strategos Pro a two and three piece ball respectively. Both of the models feature their papa hummel logo on the front along with their unique pearl effect coating. This unique coating makes them stand out when on the green or fairway and you can notice a distinct difference between these and a standard ball. Both models come in a reuseable drawstring bag with a carabineer clip to easily attach it to your golf bag. There is also a waterproof marker included in the bag so you can easily mark your balls. One other interesting factor with both their models is they are sold in packs of 10 rather than 12 however I assume this is as a result of them coming in a more useable packaging.



The Strategos is their entry level two piece golf ball which feature a unique pearl effect coating. The strategos is a solid two piece golf ball and played similar to a Srizon distance golf ball. They produced good distance from the tee and off the fairway with woods and high irons. Around the green as you would expect they did not have the same feel as you might get from a more premium ball however they did not feel overly hard and did offer a reasonable amount of spin. On the green they felt a little too clickly for my liking however they were consistent with distance and rolled true. These are definitely worth a look if you are after a solid golf ball that will give you good distance with your longer clubs. And at £16.99 for 10 balls they are very reasonably priced.


Strategos Pro

The Strategos Pro is their premium offering which is a three piece ball featuring their unique pearl coating and a 352 dimple design. The performance of the pro was pleasantly surprising, as a new comer to the ball market I wasn’t sure what to expect however these balls performed as well as any other 3 piece surlyn ball I have tried recently. And with the unique coating they stand out and make the ball feel that little bit more special however this may not be for everyone.


I tested the Pro against the Vice Tour and for the most part the ball performed equally as well the only place it didn’t quite match up on was the feel on short pitches and chips around the green however this is purely personal to me so will differ from golfer to golfer. However overall it was an excellent ball for the price and is worth putting on your testing list.


For a first entry into the golf ball market Papa Hummel has done well and both of these balls would do well in anyone’s golf bag. I think more companies should take note of what Papa Hummel are doing and start to redesign their packaging so it is practical and not wasting materials.


Thanks for reading and happy golfing




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